Workforce Diversity

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We believe a diverse workforce is essential in fulfilling our core values. The differences our employees bring to work strengthen the company through breadth of experience, perspective and talent. We want them to feel valued, respected and given every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Workforce Diversity Strategy

We follow the guiding principles of respect, fairness and consistency to ensure our work environment is one in which every team member is valued so that our corporate culture attracts, develops and retains the best and brightest employees.

  • ATTRACT talented and qualified individuals that reflect the diverse communities we serve.
  • DEVELOP employees for successful careers and fill the leadership pipeline with those who reflect the diversity of our workforce and communities.
  • RETAIN talented and motivated employees.
  • MEASURE progress and promote accountability at all levels to ensure success.

Employee Resource Groups

We leverage the unique strengths, views, and experiences of our employees through our support of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These self-governed groups are comprised of individuals who come together based on similar interests or experiences.

ERG members help us to identify business programs that address the needs of diverse consumers by providing feedback on new ideas and initiatives, partnering with specific organizations, and reaching out to their communities. In turn, employees in ERGs gain an opportunity to enhance their cultural awareness, develop leadership skills and network with colleagues across all business units and at all levels, including senior leadership.


  • For the Company - improves employee engagement which leads to retention, increases awareness of barriers to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, provides assistance with community outreach, and recruitment.
  • For Employees - brings employees who shared interest together which create a sense of community, increases opportunities for networking, professional development, education, and idea exchange on common issues of interest that add value to Dominion Energy and its employees.

African American Resource Group

African American Resource Group

The mission of the AARG is to connect, empower, develop, engage and support the recruitment and retention of African American employees, while providing valuable company and community contributions. The group provides networking, professional development, training and peer coaching to participants.
DiverseAbility Resource Group

DiverseAbility Resource Group

The DiverseAbility Employee Resource Group will foster a cooperative, accessible forum to connect, engage, support, educate and empower employees with varying abilities and health, the leaders and peers of employees with varying abilities and health, and employees who are caregivers to individuals with varying abilities and health. The Employee Resource Group will work to ensure that people with a range of all abilities are respected, recognized, and valued for the talents, perspectives, and skills they contribute to the workplace.

The DiverseAbility ERG will promote and support the employment of those with varying abilities and health at Dominion Energy, Dominion Energy’s suppliers, and within the communities that Dominion Energy serves.

Latino Resource Group

Latino Resource Group

HOLA’s mission is to connect the Hispanic & Latino community to support Dominion Energy’s culture. Their goal is to identify innovative ways to support the company and to organize events to support professional development and leadership skills of employees. They are focused on fostering community trust and cultivating the development of the Hispanic & Latino community.

LGBTQIA & Ally Resource Group

LGBTQ+ Resource Group

This group's goal is to provide a welcoming environment that fosters communication, support, community and skill development among Dominion Energy's LGBTQIA and Ally community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual - and the individuals/allies who support this group). Pride provides a resource for all employees and acts as a liaison between the company and the communities we serve. 

Veteran's Resource Group

Veteran's Resource Group

The Veteran's Resource Group seeks to build on Dominion Energy ’s efforts to attract and develop those who have served in the armed forces and provide support to the military and veterans in our communities.

Women's Resource Group

Women's Resource Group

The mission of We3 (Women Engaging, Educating, Energizing) is to connect, empower and support women at Dominion Energy. The team focuses on contributing to personal and professional development of women; influencing the retention and attraction of female talent; and creating awareness and actively engage women within the communities where we do business.

Young Professionals Resource Group

Young Professionals Resource Group

Dominion Energy’s Young Professionals organization seeks to promote employee interaction and development by providing training, social, and volunteer opportunities to our aspiring professionals. The group’s goal is to bridge gaps between business units and connect Dominion Energy’s workforce in a way that stimulates new ideas, efficiencies, and team dynamics, in a fun and engaging environment.

Diversity Councils

The company's diversity councils are organized along business unit lines to further integrate diversity goals and practices into our core businesses. Our goal is to embed diversity into our corporate culture, much the same way that safety has become an ingrained value and the touchstone of our daily work.

The council’s efforts have led to the formation of, and funding for our two pilot Employee Resource Groups. Each of the groups has its own executive sponsor responsible for exploring how our commitment to those issues can drive employee engagement and business growth.

Executive Diversity Council

Our commitment to diversity begins at the top. Dominion Energy’s Executive Diversity Council consists of executives and other individuals representing each business unit. The Council’s duties and responsibilities are to:

  • Define Dominion Energy’s diversity strategy by setting long and short-range objectives for workforce diversity, supplier diversity, corporate philanthropy, and community involvement.
  • Assign priority to and monitor corporate performance against the set objectives.
  • Monitor corporate performance against marketplace benchmarks and best practices.
  • Establish and review Company-wide Diversity Programs, policies, and initiatives.

Business Unit Diversity Councils

Dominion Energy believes that an effective diversity and inclusion strategy must be fully aligned and integrated with the corporate business objectives. To support this approach, each of Dominion Energy’s business units has established its own diversity council. Under the guidance of their executive sponsors and the Executive Diversity Council, the business unit diversity councils work to generate positive changes at Dominion Energy.

While each business unit council has its own approach, there is a shared mission and vision for all of the Business Unit Diversity Councils to ensure consistency across Dominion Energy.