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Hydrogen is an emerging clean energy source that could reduce the environmental impact of nearly every part of our daily lives. It can generate electricity, heat homes and buildings, power manufacturing and fuel transportation – all with few or zero emissions. Dominion Energy is exploring how hydrogen can help us achieve our goal of net zero emissions and also help decarbonize other industries like transportation and manufacturing.

Learn About Our First Project
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Hydrogen 101

Advancing America's Path To Net Zero Emissions

When hydrogen is produced from wind, solar or nuclear, it generates zero greenhouse gas emissions. The only emissions are water vapor! Here are a few ways hydrogen can help Dominion Energy and other industries on our path to a clean energy future.

Cleaner Natural Gas

Hydrogen can be blended with natural gas to heat homes and buildings and fuel manufacturing – and with significantly fewer emissions.

Clean Electricity

Blending hydrogen into our natural gas power plants can help reduce emissions while producing electricity with the same reliability as natural gas.

Renewable Storage

Renewables are not always available when our customers need electricity. Hydrogen helps by storing energy from wind and solar when it isn’t needed so we can use it later when it is.

Clean Transportation

Hydrogen can be a zero-carbon fuel source for most forms of transportation, including passenger cars, buses and fleet vehicles.

Utah Hydrogen Blending Project

When exploring any new technology, it’s best to start small and then scale up as we gain experience.

Beginning in Spring 2021, our ThermH2­TM pilot project will be underway at our Training Academy in Utah. We will blend 5% hydrogen in a test gas distribution system so we can learn how hydrogen works before blending it into the larger system that serves our customers. 

Testing will conclude in June 2021 and will help us develop the knowledge and best practices we need to blend hydrogen into the broader system.

Utah Training Village

Powering A Clean Future

The "Swiss Army Knife" Of Clean Energy

Hydrogen is the “Swiss Army knife” of clean energy. Here’s what it can do – all with few or zero emissions.


Renewable Storage





How Does It Work?

There are different ways to produce hydrogen. “Grey” and “blue” hydrogen are the most commonly used today and involve some emissions. As Dominion Energy develops more wind and solar, and continues relying on zero-carbon nuclear, we will increasingly use a process known as electrolysis, which results in zero emissions.

Step 1

1. Renewables

Wind, solar and nuclear energy produce zero-carbon electricity. Some days, they produce more than consumers need.

Step 2

2. Electrolysis

This excess energy is used to power a simple process called electrolysis, which separates water (H20) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O).

Step 3

3. Storage

Once the hydrogen is produced, it is safely stored until it is needed.

Step 4

4. Distribution

Hydrogen is then blended with natural gas to heat buildings or produce electricity, or to fuel transportation and manufacturing.

Working With Other Industry Leaders

LCRI Low Carbon Resources Initiative - links to

Dominion Energy is an anchor sponsor of this 5-year, $100 million research and development initiative that is focused on advancing the use of hydrogen technology across the economy.

Green Hydrogen Coalition - links to

Dominion Energy is a proud supporter of this non-profit that focuses on the use of green hydrogen in all sectors where it can accelerate the transition to a carbon-free energy system.

California Hydrogen Business Council - Hydrogen Means Business in California! - Links to

Dominion Energy is a long-standing member of this advocacy organization that focuses on the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy and transportation sectors.

Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance
Dominion Energy is a proud member of the Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance, which has teamed up with E4 Carolinas to drive further commercialization of hydrogen and related technologies in the Southeastern United States.

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