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Renewable energy comes from many sources - solar, wind and hydroelectric dams. But did you know it also comes from farms and food waste? That’s right! We’re turning farm and food waste into clean energy for consumers. It’s called renewable natural gas (RNG), and it’s making the world a better place by reducing emissions, producing clean energy and providing new income for family farmers. It’s also helping Dominion Energy achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


Empowering Customers

How Does It Work?

When organic material decomposes, it produces methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas. By keeping methane out of the atmosphere and turning it into clean energy, we’re helping to combat climate change. In fact, we capture more emissions from farms and food waste than are released when consumers use the gas. Better than zero-carbon, it’s actually carbon-beneficial! Here’s how it works:
Capturing Methane from the Farm


As manure, food waste and other organic material decomposes, it produces methane gas. Instead of allowing methane to enter the atmosphere, it's captured and turned into energy.

Converting Methane to RNG


The methane captured from farms, food waste and other sources is cleaned up to 99% pure methane, the same as traditional natural gas.

Delivering to Home and Businesses


Renewable natural gas is then blended into the existing gas distribution system to serve homes, businesses, power plants and other natural gas consumers.

Helping The Climate, Consumers & Family Farmers

Few clean energy sources can do so much good, so broadly across the economy. Here are some of the ways renewable natural gas is making the world a better place:

Fewer Emissions for the Climate

Renewable natural gas reduces greenhouse gas emissions from farms, food waste and landfills, which protects the climate and makes our air cleaner.

Clean Energy for Consumers

Renewable natural gas combines the environmental benefits of renewables with the reliability of natural gas to meet the 24/7 needs of our customers.

Income for Family Farmers

Renewable natural gas generates additional income for family farmers, turning one of their biggest costs into a new source of revenue.

RNG Safety

Proven Safe at Work

Safety is more than our first core value. Just like all our endeavors, safety is vital for renewable natural gas, and held to the same stringent utility standards as any energy source we deploy. The trust of everyone we touch is our greatest asset. Fortunately, we feel confident that we can earn and continuously renew that trust as our RNG reach continues to scale with new partners, suppliers, and customers.

Our proven track record of cultivating an employee-led culture of safety includes numerous years of multiple awards by organizations like the American Gas Association, but our most coveted reward is to have everyone return home each day. We believe collaboration with everyone makes a safer project site, empowering all to be safe with tools like our custom contractor safety site.

Proven Safe at Home

Whether a humble cottage or a massive industrial business, natural gas customers can rest assured that renewable natural gas not only delivers the same performance, RNG is as safe as the gas they use today.

"It is interchangeable with natural gas. It is carbon neutral, extremely versatile and fully compatible with the U.S. pipeline infrastructure. It can be used in homes and businesses, in manufacturing and heavy industries, for electricity production and as an alternative fuel for transportation." -The American Gas Association

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